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Washington DC Environmental Portrait | David Happ

DC Corporate Headshots photographer, Delane Rouse, produced an environmental portrait for David Happ of Louis Dreyfus Property Management in Washington DC. David needed a portrait that was a little different from the rest of the speakers at an upcoming association event.

We had numerous fantastic locations within his New York Avenue office, lot’s of natural light, cool chairs, fantastic plasma screens…but David is in the business of building and managing buildings so when I heard the words “we have access to the roof” I lit up like a Christmas tree.

Since this was a last minute request I didn’t have time to bring in any of our regulars assistants so David’s assistant helped out and within 10-12 minutes we shot three different “scenes” on the roof looking out onto Washington DC with cranes, the Capitol building and the Washington Monument in the skyline…

David was awesome…giving me whatever time we needed to create the his image. I did the initial edit and presented David with 12 images from which to select…here are 2 of them with some added photoshop “treatments”…

To schedule your environmental portrait session in the Washington DC area, give Washington DC Corporate Headshots a call at 202-596-1548. We have numerous current and past fantastic business headshots and executive portraits on file for you to review so you can trust that you have a photogrpaher with the EXPERIENCE to get the job done when we show up at your location.

Attorney Headshots at Your Office

Providing great headshots for attorneys, law firms, and law schools is our specialty. We’ve worked on national campaigns for firms such as Holland and Knight, Murphy and McGonigle, Adams and Reece LLP, and Florida Coastal School of Law.

In most cases we come to your location (saving you time and money by minimizing non-billable hours), set up within 30-35 minutes and photograph each individual within 15 minutes. We take the lead and supply you with guidelines on how to prepare for a great corporate headshot.

After selecting the image at the end of the session our retouching department will add in the final touch and we’ll deliver the image using any method you select (FTP, contact sheets, proofs, traditional e-mail).

This service  will provide you with fantastic, consistent images for your website, conferences, brochures, public relations, and collateral marketing material.

Washington DC Headshots | Denise Medved

I have to admit that this is one of my favorite studio portraits of the year. When Denise Medved showed me her wardrobe options I immediately knew that I wanted to photograph her wearing her simple yet elegant pearls and matching earrings. As a textbook studio portrait we decided to use our standard grey background. In the final image we have a medium vignette that we feel puts all the attention on Denise, as does the simple wardrobe selection.

Denise also had some really kind words to say about her session…

Denise Medved Executive Portrait, created in our Washington DC studio.

Denise Medved Executive Portrait, created in our Washington DC studio.

WOW! I went to Delane for a professional headshot on Monday by that night I had a wonderful photo to use. Delane was very friendly – he really knows how to take a great head shot, because that’s his specialty. The amazing thing is there were several wonderful shots I had to choose from. He really captured me and my personality. I would recommend Delane to anyone? August 25, 2010″

Denise is the CEO at “The Tiny Kitchen“, where she motivates ordinary people to have fun by cooking and entertaining with ease…