A great executive portrait can improve the performance of any business. Seriously. Directors, board members and other executives are amongst the most important people in your company and therefore it is important that they are visible and come across as professional, yet accessible. A well executed executive portrait can help achieve this goal. An executive portrait is simply a business headshot of any individual within an business or professional organization. Executive portraits tend to be more formal than some standard portraits. Here are some ways in which an executive portrait can be used to attract business to your company.

Press Releases

Magazines, newspapers, news agencies and press release directories receive numerous press releases every day. Make your company’s press releases stand out from the competition by including an executive portrait in it. A photograph of the person the press release is about will give the story a more personal touch and make it seem more real to the reader. Such an image may also pique the reader’s interest in the individual, leading them to visit the company website in order to find out more about the person.

Social Network Avatars

It is becoming increasingly common for companies to set up profiles on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and industry blogs. Such profiles are particularly popular when a company director or CEO is personally associated with them and manages them himself. People like to think they are communicating with the boss whenever they interact with an organization or brand online. If you are an executive with a social network profile, make it clear to fellow users that it really is you by setting an executive portrait of yourself as your profile picture.

Annual Reports

Customers and potential customers like to read companies annual reports to find out what the business is doing and to check that their policies, procedures and financial accounts are all in order. However, annual reports can be very boring and impersonal. Add a personal touch to your company report by including executive portraits in it. For instance, you should definitely place a photograph of the CEO with her opening message at the start of the report. You could also include a picture of each individual alongside the list of board members and directors.

If you don’t own or a business and are not currently involved in one, executive portraits can still be used to your advantage. If you’re looking for an executive position within a company, consider putting an executive portrait of yourself on your CV or resume. When you send the send CV off to a potential employer organization or executive recruitment agency, this will catch the recruiter’s eye. It will also help persuade the recruiter that you are professional, providing, of course, that you look sufficiently professional in the photograph. At the same time, it will add a personal touch to the resume, helping the recruiter to put a face to your name. By knowing what you look like, the recruiter is more likely to remember you when deciding who to shortlist for the position.

Since your executive portrait can be used in so many different ways, it is well worth investing money and time into having yours done as soon as possible, for the sake of your company and your own career.

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