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New Website? You Need Headshots!

Business Portraits in Washington DC

There are many photographers that “specialize in babies, fashion, sports, mitzvahs, trade shows, and weddings”…but we’re not one of those studios. We specialize in ONE type of image…outstanding business headshots. When you view a Washington DC photographers website do you see a splattering of images from the county fair, a Halloween party, some foreign “travel” assignment, a political event, and a Realty convention?

We are FOCUSED on creating great images for Washington DC Business professionals. We are skilled at steering clients into the right position and creating just the right smile. It’s not the camera or our 17″ MacBookPro or our Swiss made Elinchrom flashes or Photoshop ® that makes a great image. It’s years of dedication and thousands of hours behind the camera and working with THOUSANDS of clients that allows us to analyze a face in seconds, make a few adjustments and end up with a image that makes you proud.

Did we mention that most of our clients HATE being in front of the camera…just like you?

Ready? You can schedule your session at our studio or at your office using our handy online scheduling tool.




New Website? You Need Headshots!

Headshot Photographer

Over time…things change. But if you think  the  classic corporate headshot is ever going away…you’re wrong. The last few weeks have been packed with clients looking for “classic” headshots for a variety of usage. We think it’s more about producing a quality corproate headshot than it is about making something that is flashy but unflattering. We create a portrait that sends a subtle and effective message about you and your level of excellence within the business community.

Creating exceptional imagery is more than business…and it’s not just art. It’s our dedication to understanding how to make the light do what we need it to do…how to make it fall in the right place…and how to make the shadows and colors work for us and for you and your facial features.