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New Website? You Need Headshots!

We were back at  Berkeley Point Capital to create a few new business headshots (actually environmental portraits) for  Jim McDevitt  and Brian  Kochan.  Berkeley Point is one of the nation’s leading multifamily capital solutions providers.

Immediately after the sessions we  ingest the images  from the Nikon D800 to the hard drive of my MacBook Pro using the powerful and efficient PhotoMechanic. After quickly reviewing the image for each  person, making the selections and deleting the images that weren’t great we uploaded them to our client archives.

This is our  typical  workflow which worked out perfectly…literally  just  as the last file was being uploaded I received a request to send the best image to our contact in marketing so it could go out with the press releases that day. I used the PhotoShelter “Quick Send” feature to send a link directly to my client.

Her response:

You’re amazing! Thanks

If you are in the Washington DC area and need an  exceptional  corporate headshot along with unbelievable  service  and follow-up  give  us a call at 202-596-1548.

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