Last week we were in New York creating environmental portraits for a group of professionals from Berkeley Point Capital. We arrived a day early to scout the location and setup gear (Elinchrom Quadra Rangers  with Photek Softlighter II’s) for the next morning. With the first session at 8:00 am it was important to make sure we had our lighting equipment charged, prepped and ready to go since there was very little time between each session. In addition to my primary shooting set-up I also had my backup gear ready to go. Preparation. Preparation. PREPARATION. We subscribe to two primary rules of great environmental portraiture

1. “Half of all location photography is moving furniture.”

2. “‘Available light’ means ANY light that’s available.

The location was at the Four Seasons (Midtown East) with awesome views of Central Park. We also needed to match images that we created a few month prior at the clients Bethesda, MD headquarters so that added to the complexity of the assignment.  We shot 20-30 frame per person in a variety of poses and the client is selecting 3 finals for each of the 15 executives. We deliver those files in both color and black & white. We deliver the files using the  Rouse Photography Group  Photoshelter archive  which allows for 24/7/365 client access and bulletproof backup.

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