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New Website? You Need Headshots!

I am a professional photographer in Washington DC who specializing in business portraits and corporate headshots.

With experience that spans three decades and literally thousands of individual clients and hundreds of businesses we are ready to provide our clients with the highest quality images and service.  Every individual that steps in front of our camera or works with us should expect a polite, helpful, and businesslike portrait process with accomplished and skilled photographers.

The job isn’t done once we deliver the files. We support the entire process including file prep/delivery the way you need it. We assist you in maintaining a searchable image archive and 24/7/365 download ability.  Over time we have established a reputation for providing exceptional imagery that makes the business community look fantastic. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you for many years to come

Rouse Photography Group is one of the nations most highy regarded corporate headshot photography studios. National clients recognize us for our consistency, our well lit lighting techniques and our attention to detail. We can shoot standard business headshots on paper background (color/pattern of your choice),  environmental portraits, or a combination of those types of imagery.

If you’re ready to schedule a business portrait session you can reach us at 888.984.4777. If you’re in need of additional information or a quote customized for your company feel free to call us or you can use our convenient Contact page.

 Corporate Headshots
Corporate Headshots
Corporate Headshots




Atlanta Business Headshots | Environmental Portraits

We’re back in the studio after creating a series of new Atlanta Business Headshots and Environmental Portraits for a Duluth, GA based business. We love producing environmental portraits because they allow us to be more creative and produce an extremely polished and artistic image.

Having interactions with the company President, Chief Financial Office, Sr. VP and Vice President of Operation is always one of my favorite things…

If you are an Atlanta area company that needs to update the portraits for your leadership and senior officials feel free to give us a call at 888-984-4777 to see what we can do for you. We SPECIALIZE in creating business portraits and corporate headshots for clients throughout the Atlanta metro area.

Atlanta Business Headshots and Environmental Portraits

Atlanta Business Headshots and Environmental Portraits

Atlanta Business Headshots and Environmental Portraits



We create Atlanta business headshots for partners at Big Law, commercial real estate, consulting, sales, marketing, publishing, energy, finance, health care, media, marketing, technology or travel. You always have a need to project the best image possible.

Our professional photography studio specializes in creating corporate headshots and executive portraits at your office/location or in our local studio*. We make scheduling your appointments easy and we permanently archive your images for future reference. To arrange your appointment or get a custom quote for your office or group, call our scheduling department at 888-984-4777 or send an email to and we’ll handle the rest.

We specialize in working with businesses of all sizes throughtout the U.S. and abroad, providing professionalism and amazing consistency across departments and locations.

Are you Looking for corporate headshots outside of Atlanta?

Our services are available in the following cities:

Atlanta | Baltimore | Boston | Charlotte | Chicago | Dallas | Denver | Los Angeles | New York | Philadelphia | San Diego | Seattle | Washington DC


Professional Photos for Washington DC Business

Today I took a look at a clients website…just to see how they were using the images that we created for them. Seeing the images used is always the BEST…

CrowdCheck offers a weapon against potential fraud and helps investors make good investment decisions. CrowdCheck does the basic due diligence that a reasonable person would do when investing small amounts of his own funds, and lets investors see the results of this due diligence in an easy-to-understand Report. This helps the entrepreneurs seeking funding too: they can show they mean business.


New Website? You Need Headshots!

When our business portrait clients call….we respond. It’s obvious to us that the economy is in recovery mode because our clients are calling us on a more frequent basis.  The demand for our services continues to grow and our photographers are traveling more to meet and exceed client needs. Our lighting and camera equipment is extremely portable because we constantly work to find the most efficient gear so that we can get in and out of your office with minimal impact on the schedule of the busy executive.

This year we have created business portraits for businesses in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Princeton NJ, San Diego, Philadelphia, Portland, and Washington DC.

We’re looking for challenging business portrait projects throughout the U.S; we specialize in working with professional service firms. Regardless of the  logistical and creative challenges we’re up for the opportunity to show you how professional photographers get the job done the right way the first time.

  • Premium service
  • Affordable prices
  • Flexible
  • Convenient
  • Professional

Babies. Weddings. Fashion. Food.   Just HEADSHOTS.

Corporate Headshots for Peter Lillis of Company