Washington DC professional studio portraits are photographic portraits shot in indoor studio locations. Many DC lawyers, accountants, educators, doctors, advertising executives, and commercial real estate brokers will have a studio portrait done at some point in their lives. This is especially true since most will need to display the image on a business website or social media site.

Although some believe that outdoor portraits in DC are better aesthetically than studio portraits, there are several advantages to using an indoor studio. With an indoor studio, we can create great images regardless of the time of day, we control the room temperature and we avoid being affected adversely by outdoor conditions. The most important factor is that we also have finite control over the lighting versus working outside.

When you decide to get a studio portrait done, it is important to select a hight quality, reputable photographer. A good studio portrait photographer will produce an exceptional photograph for you by doing the following things:

  • Using a spacious studio. Good photographers who care about their craft will utilize as much studio space as possible. This is because, the less space you have, and the more difficult it is to take a good quality, well light, expressive studio portrait.
  • Professional lighting equipment. A professional lighting set-up does not have to be complicated. Sometimes only two lights are necessary, as long as they are the right type of lights, are used in the right way and are positioned in the right place. For instance, the photographer may place one light on the person being photographed (the subject) and another light on the background. The light for the portrait subject is typically placed on a stand. By modifying the light’s position and output the photographer we create innovative, directional lighting. The background light may be brighter than the subject light, in order to achieve a clean background.
  • Coaching the Subject. We provide every subject with a set of valuable tools that helps the person appear confident and approachable when in front of our camera. Many clients are apprehensive about being photographed but we know EXACTLY what to wear, what to do and say to make the process as easy as possible. We don’t tell stupid jokes but we will dip into our “coaching toolbox” and use whatever is necessary to create an exceptional professional portrait.
  • Appropriate Background Selection. Whatever background is used, it is important that it is clear , clean and uncluttered. As a professional photographer we will make sure this is the case in order to provide the best image service we can. It could be gray, white or blue paper or it might be an environmental background. Whatever we select will compliment the subject.
  • Retouching. After taking a photograph, a good photographer will be willing to retouch the image, in order to improve it. The photographer may retouch the image by using software such as Capture One Pro,  Photoshop, GIMP or Light Room. Retouching the photograph could mean cleaning up the background, getting rid of sensor dust spots and brightening certain aspects of the image. The Photoshop Magic Wand tool is particularly popular with studio photographers.
  • Professional Cameras and Lenses.  While it may be easy to get bogged down in equipment you should expect your  photographer  to use  professional  camera bodies and lenses. This equipment is expensive but it will last a long time and will produce quality images time after time. Professional gear does not need to be  replaced  often as  png  as it is maintained. Our studio uses a Medium Format Digital Back (MFDB) developed by MamiyaLeaf  and  Mamiya/Schneider/Phase One professional lenses. The investment in this type of  equipment  typically  exceeds  what an  amateur  is willing to invest. Our knowledge of the system along with the constant that we receive is what  separates us from the rest.    

Studio portraits can be fun and worthwhile if they are shot by a top quality, professional photographer. It is therefore well worth shopping around for the right photographer for you.