On Friday we the opportunity to complete a shoot for our Washington DC client that had to be postponed due to the snow storm earlier in the week. We had a great relationship with this client so we understood when the schools was cancelled that our shoot would be delayed. We prepped our gear for the shoot Thursday afternoon and packed the car. Since the shoot was early I met my assistant at the clients office about an hour before the shoot to go over last minute details.

We went up the the clients office suite, unpacked our gear and setup for 2 different scenes using their library and an open office. We do our test shots using our 1st or 2nd assistant to make sure that we don’t waste too much of the attorneys time doing test shots and moving lights. We always try to be efficient and our clients appreciate our effort. Today we also worked with the firms new Director of Marketing. I always like working directly with the person making this decision on the images because we can make sure that we are delivering exactly what the client needs and not necessarily our vision.

Having an extra pair of eyes on the shoot is also as plus. Notice the cord under the cabinets on the upper left image? Many photographers would have left the cord there and attempted to remove it in Photoshop or (even worse) left it for the client to handle. I noticed it so I used 2 pieces of Scotch tape to keep it out of the image. We also added a few more books to the scene to keep it from being so “bare”. We call it adding a little visual interest.


Technical: Mamiya Leaf Credo 40, Schneider Kreuznach 80mm LS lens, Mamiya 645DF+ body, PhaseOne’s CaptureOne Pro software.

Once we were back at the studio we downloaded our images and did an initial edit where we selected ~70 images for the client to review. We uploaded them to our Client Archive for review and the client will make selections over the nest couple of days and get back to us with her choices. Those files will be retouched and we will deliver them as high-resolution files within 2-3 days (often sooner).

If you want to learn how we can provide you with superior image quality, great service, photo management tools with exceptional editing and image processing capability give us a call at202.552.0025. We would love to work with your marketing department to create new and fresh collateral marketing materials for the professionals at your firm.

Technical: Mamiya Leaf Credo 40, Schneider Kreuznach 80mm LS lens, Mamiya 645DF+ body, PhaseOne’s CaptureOne Pro software.