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Do you need a Portrait or Headshot?

You’ve searched the interwebs and looked at your co-workers photos and searched all around LinkedIn. You’ve found a PROFESSIONAL photographer and look at her portfolio, but you still don’t know if you need a portrait or a headshot. I mean…they are the same. Right? WRONG!

A business portrait (also called an executive portrait) generally contains more (see top row) of the subjects body (half, 3/4 or full length). A common variation is the environmental portrait where the subjects surroundings are an integral aspect of the final image.

A head shot or headshot is a specific type of portrait (see bottom row) that realistically demonstrates a person’s appearance for business and professional branding. A headshot should be of the subjects head and shoulder area. It should NOT be half, 3/4 or full length.


Portraits typically show more of an individuals body and can be anything from 1/2 length to full length or more. A headshot is a “head and shoulders” style image


Don’t Choose the Wrong Profile Photo

We’re experts at shooting and selecting business portraits. Since we specialize in the BUSINESS portrait we’re keenly aware of what looks best on websites, LinkedIn, brochures, etc. Yet we’ve noticed time and time again that if we leave the selection process 100% up to the individual they will frequently select an image that isn’t the “best of the best”. More importantly, if we allow the subject to dictate the way the session goes we would rarely create acceptable images.

I recently found this article on Photo Feeler that explains 3 scientific reason why clients select the wrong profile photo.

Choosing the Right Profile Photos

Choosing the Right Profile Photos

CEO Portraits for Philips North America

We recently had the opportunity to create an environmental portrait of the CEO of Philips North America. We had previously worked with their team at a shoot we produced in Baltimore last year and it’s always nice when we get to work with a clients on a repeat basis, even though this was their CEO (no pressure). We received the initial contact via email on Friday afternoon and within a few hours we had a shoot scheduled for Tuesday morning. Ultimately we did move the shoot to Wednesday morning to better accommodate the client (we understand the needs of high level executives).

We processed the images in Capture One and delivered the files to the client using our PhotoShelter archive.

Nationwide availability means that we come to you —anywhere in the country. We have photographers positioned in the 30 largest major metropolitan cities in the United States and we provide businesses of all sizes with unique portraits that undoubtedly become part of their professional and personal message.