I feel comfortable in saying the answer would be a resounding NO. (For the record, we have NOTHING against McDonalds…my twins LOVE their Happy Meals and Yogurt!!!)

You WOULD go to a restaurant that has a reputation for serving a delicious prime rib or delicately prepared fresh salmon or….you fill in the blank.

The same holds true when looking for a professional portrait photographer to capture the images of the people who make up your company. Whether that company is a bank or credit union, university, hospital, law firm, lobbying shop, insurance agency or a political candidate, finding the right photographer and studio is critical.

Just like you wouldn’t go to McDonald’s to enjoy a fine dining experience, you wouldn’t go to a photo booth to take the picture that would appear with your corporate bio.

Choosing the right photographer should be done carefully and after some research.

That photographer may not always be the least expensive. When requesting a quote, make sure to compare the details of what is offered.

  • Will you have unlimited use of the images?
  • Are the images retouched and is that included in the price?
  • How long will it take for you or you and your colleagues to receive the finished product?
  • Will you have to go to a studio, or will they come to you?
  • How long have they been in business?

Take the time to make the right choice. It’s important. It’s YOUR brand.


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