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Corporate Headshots for McLean Law Firms

Corporate Headshots for McLean Law Firms

Last week we created updated/new business portraits for one of our McLean VA Law Firm clients. Allison, the Firm Administrator, gave us a call a few weeks prior to the shoot to go over their needs. She informed us that we would be working with 4 of their new attorneys and staff.

We arrived 45 minutes early to setup our cameras, computers and professional lighting equipment.  We’ve constructed a travel kit that can easily be handled by one person. For this assignment we had both a photographer and an assistant since we were reviewing and selecting with each person.

Working with the this firm is always a highlight of our week. They are organized and professional. Each person as a scheduled time (usually 15 minutes) and everyone is always easy to work with.

We can offer your professionals suggestions on what to wear for their headshot sessions. We always assist with posing (we call it “coaching”). We can also help determine what style of image is most appropriate for your line of business. Our professional photographers use the highest quality Nikon camera equipment and Swiss made professional lighting.

On a daily basis, we work with clients in McLean and Tysons Corner to create a custom program that meets their specific needs. That could mean innovative lighting techniques, consistent backgrounds, and various methods of image delivery. We also provide all of our clients with an an unlimited release.  This release allows your company to use the final images in any internal or external public relations and collateral marketing materials for an unlimited about of time.


Business Portraits with a Smile – Control Your Message

Business Portraits with a Smile.

This is a common question asked by clients. The answer is almost always “yes.”  However, it comes down to your brand, target audience, and message.

In a world dominated by online and social media, a great business portrait has become more important than ever. You are creating your personal brand. What is the message you are trying to convey? Who is your target audience? Where will you use the business portrait?

If your audience is expecting a serious message, you want your business portrait to convey shrewdness, wisdom, and savvy. However, you probably do not want to express anger and rigidness. Look through our portfolio, specifically at examples of Eric Holder, former Attorney General of the United States.

Business Portrait for a Washington DC Attorney

There are many professional headshots of Mr. Holder, from his long career, showing him with a serious and straight-faced, but also and sometimes stern. Our photos portray the former Attorney General as serious, but with wisdom, understanding, and warmth.

If you need a photo for LinkedIn and are trying to attract new employees or a new employer, you may want a big beautiful smile, even if your business is very serious. If one is working in an inherently stressful field, they are seeking to avoid the unhappy work environment.

The main feature of “approachability” is in the movement in the mouth. The corners of the lips are drawn back and slightly up. The lips can remain together in a smile. A smiling image has been proven time and time again to make people feel more at ease.  It’s also a widely held belief that a person who smiles is more trustworthy.

Small smiles are typically “more professional” but the mouth can also be opened, with the teeth together, in a grin.

“A recent study at Penn State University found that when you smile, you don’t only appear to be more likable and courteous, but you actually appear to be more competent.”

Ron Gutman CEO/Founder of HealthTap

Ultimately, our recommendation is to try a variety of facial expressions (with and without smiles) during your photo session. If one is not working for you, the other is available. Having multiple photos with and without a smile, with different backgrounds, and different outfits give you the flexibility to change the mood with an upload.

If you would like to talk more about business portraits, or anything else. Please contact us.

Headshot by a Professional or a Selfie. Can I Shoot My Own?

Can I Shoot my Own Headshot?

Whether you are just starting a business or want to update an outdated business portrait, you may be wondering whether you need to hire a professional headshot photographer or if you can instead just shoot your own headshot.  After all, everyone has a smartphone these days, so you can just take a “selfie”, right?

Headshots for Professionals or Selfie?

While you technically can take your own “selfie”, or have a friend take a portrait to use for your business website and other marketing materials, we don’t think you should take that approach, for a number of reasons. 

First of all, your social media profile, website and marketing materials will often be the first impression you make. Prospective clients and business partners will be evaluating you. By taking a “do-it-yourself” approach, your first impression can end up looking like you didn’t put a lot of effort into your image.  That is not the impression you probably want to make. A good professional headshot or business portrait will show you the way you want to be portrayed.

With a variety of backgrounds available, a professional photographer will also be able to make your business portrait look its best, without you having to search for the best spot to take your own photos.  

You probably don’t cut your own hair, even though you technically can; you also probably don’t change the oil in your car yourself. You rely on the people who do those jobs every day to handle those things for you, right? Don’t treat your business portrait any differently. 

You want to look polished, professional and confident, and a good professional photographer will help you do just that. Let the pros handle your business portraits so you can focus on your business and not on what filter to use on your phone’s camera. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment for your own professional headshots and business portraits.