Business Profile Shots in DC

Corporate headshots are increasingly on demand due to the popularity of online profiles on LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook.

At DC Corporate Headshots, we offer headshots photography for individuals at the highest positions of business and government.

Headshots are more important than most people realize. For one, clients will want to work with those that they know, like — trust. A headshot makes this possible, as it triggers long-term recognition and increases the perceived value of the person and the affiliated business.

What Makes an Ideal Big Shot?

The headshot must look refined and professional. This requires talent and skill to get the right focus, soft lighting, and expert composition, as well as expertise in subtle retouching and color correction.

In addition, the image must look natural. People are keen on the genuineness of a photo; if the expression, pose, composition, and lighting of the image look forced, it will defeat the purpose of the headshot in the first place.

Experienced Big Shot Photographers

DC Corporate Headshots is proud to have photographed high profile individuals in government, industry, sports and entertainment, including past President George W. Bush, former Attorney General Eric Holder, the 68th Secretary of State John Kerry, Mark Cuban, Lebron James, Tom Brady, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera and many more.

Other notable individuals we’ve worked with include:

  • C-SPAN Founder Brian Lamb
  • General Willie Williams
  • CEO of Total Wine & More David Trone
  • Former Senators Evan Bayh and Tom Daschle
  • CRESA Partners CEO Rich Rhodes
  • Fuhu’s Jim Mitchell and Robb Fujioka
  • Rhodes Scholar Alex Coccia

Put your “best face forward” with a professional executive headshot from DC Corporate Headshots.

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