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People on the Move

We recently worked with Elizabeth Burkhart and her photos was featured in the Washington DC Business Journal’s “People on the Move”.




How to Crop Your Photo for Social Media: How Headroom Affects the Picture

Choosing your photo for social media is a crucial step in the process of further creating a consistent professional image. When you finally get a picture you like you may find that the picture is a bit odd when viewed on a smaller screen or not at full size, so choosing the correct photo and utilizing the space in your picture wisely can be a great way to promote a strong image of yourself.Read More

Group Photos to Tell Your Team’s Story

Building a team of professionals is a goal many aspire to in America. Building a website and garnering attention to that site through visuals and content can be a bit more challenging. From attorneys to entrepreneurs, capturing the essence of an organization can grow your bottom line, or lead you to flatline!Read More

Wear Your “Go To”

Are you struggling with what you should wear for your upcoming corporate headshot session? If so, Delane will give you a simple answer to THE MOST POPULAR QUESTION we receive during our consultations phone calls with current and potential clients.Read More