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What To Wear When Taking a Corporate Headshot
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What should you wear when taking a corporate headshot?

Wear your “go to” outfit! The outfit you would wear to an interview or to meet a new boss is the best outfit for a corporate headshot. My “go to” outfit is a gray jacket, a solid blue shirt, and a blue and white tie. Your “go to” outfit could be any color. Don’t get stuck thinking you have to wear dark colors, but don’t go too crazy on the patterns, unless that’s your “go to.”

The most important thing is for you to love what you’re wearing.

The most important thing is for you to love what you’re wearing. Your “go to” is your lucky outfit. It’s the outfit you wore the last time you interviewed or closed a big deal. Make sure your outfit is clean and make sure it’s your “go to.”

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!

My Hands. What do I do with my Hands?

My Hands. What do I do with my Hands? 

We frequently get this question just before we shoot the first shot in a portrait session. If you’re doing a head & shoulder portrait, then you don’t have to concern yourself with the placement of your hands because they won’t be shown in the photograph.

However, if you’re shooting more of a portrait style image, then the hands MAY be shown. Even when that is the case, the hands are far from what will make or break your image.  The reality is that you are somewhat limited or restricted in hand placement, and that’s a good thing.

Take a look at the image below, and you’ll see most of the typical hand placement options. Every one of them might not work for you, but we’re confident that you’ll find something that feels comfortable and looks great. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of every hand placement.


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Headshots for Washington DC Consultants

I love meeting new people and thankfully my job affords me that opportunity on a daily basis. Earlier in the week we created a new business headshot Will Ansah, a Washington DC consultant. We needed to refine his look and convey a friendly and professional image for his current and future clients.

Will Ansah Business Headshots – Images by Delane Rouse

At DC Corporate Headshots we create outstanding corporate headshots for individuals, small and mid-sized businesses in the Washington DC area.

Washington DC Attorney Headshots+Executive Portraits

We recently worked with the Washington DC office of the law firm, Adams and Reece LLP. Adams and Reese LLP is a multidisciplinary law firm with offices strategically located throughout the southern United States and Washington, D.C. American Lawyer includes Adams and Reese on its distinguished list of the nation’s top law firms – “The Am Law 200”. The National Law Journal also includes the firm on the “NLJ 250” list of the nation’s largest law firms.

New Website? You Need Headshots!

#5- Your boss is making the whole office do it.

Face it…you don’t want to have your picture shot today, but your boss tricked you and told you there would be donuts and you could leave early to go golfing if you did it without complaining. So what happened? You still complained but he didn’t hear you. You’re 42 years old and you still don’t know how to tie your tie. You don’t like wearing earrings and lipstick.

We take regular people and make them look WAAAAYYYY better than regular. DC Corporate Headshots worked with Enhesa, Inc. to create business headshots for the entire office. Quick. Easy. Effective.

#4- Your “not-so-current” headshot was made BEFORE color film was the standard.

The last time you had a corporate headshot done we were kicking around words like Kodak, Tri-X, and Agfa-Pan. “Artist” were developing b&w film in little tanks and making custom 8×10 prints that looked AWESOME!!! Those days are long gone buddy…get real. At DC Corporate Headshots we use high resolution digital capture systems that blow away your little 12 mega-pixel rinky-dink point & shoot. Step into the 2000’s…get a decent hair-cut, stop driving the station wagon and UPDATE YOUR IMAGE!!!

#3-You need to increase your client base.

You’ve already heard the phrase…”to make money you have to spend money”…and it’s oh so true. Get your face out there, pound the pavement, go to the Chamber of Commerce meetings, get your new business cards printed, update that website that you created using the $49 software you bought from Office Max. Updating your current business headshot then USING it on every piece of marketing material you have is the first step you should take to increasing your client base.

#2-You’re single and can use it on Facebook ®

Be honest…we know that you’re going to use the picture on your law-firm website but you’re also going to use Picasa to cut out the background and upload it to your Facebook profile. That’s cool. We have hundreds of clients that are using our image for personal and professional usage. We know that you wore that special sweater for a reason.

#1-You were recently laid-off/fired/down-sized/right-sized/etc.

We’ve all seen the effects of this “new” economy and it’s not pretty. At least it looks like the worst is behind us, so TODAY is the day that you make the decision to invest in your future.   A fresh and updated image from DC Corporate Headshots gives you an advantage over the person that isn’t ready to hit the ground running. Your new employer can use the image for press releases, trade magazines, speaking engagements, marketing collateral, personnel files, I.D. cards and more.

If you fit this category, we’ll deduct $50 off your session fee. Our way of saying “Go Get ’em!!!”

The Walker Group: DC Business Headshots

My favorite assignment today was creating a new business headshot for Jason R. Klein of the Walker Group. The Walker Group provides real estate solutions nationwide to associations, foundations, companies, legal and accounting firms, families and individuals in need of real estate expertise.

Jason Klein | Washington DC Commercial Real Estate Headshots – Images by Delane Rouse

Commercial real estate and construction definitely seem to be on the comeback, so while you’re thinking about what you can do to stay ahead of the curve and a step in front of your competition now is a great time to update your business headshot with a session with DC Corporate Headshots

Washington DC Real Estate Headshots

This week we created headshots for two Washington DC area individuals involved in the real estate business. In fact, the majority of out April business headshot clients have been real estate professionals.  Jorgen Punda is in commercial real estate and Angela in the residential market.

Hopefully this means that the the market is taking a positive turn…

DC Corporate Headshots created business portraits for busy professionals for small and mid-sized business in the Washington DC area.

A good headshot is a business necessity and give you an advantage when it comes to delivering a professional image, gaining positive publicity and getting that next contract or deal accomplished. A great headshot makes you more personable and allows people to see who you are and more importantly a potential client them want to work with you. Your headshot is an integral part of your brand.

At DC Corporate Headshots, we produce high resolution digital images that are consistent, well-lit  and help portray you in a professional and honest manner. Sessions are simple and relaxed and we’ll have you in and out in less than 45 minutes.

Washington DC Corporate Headshots for Realtors

DC Corporate Headhsots recently worked with a Washington DC based realtor to produce a new and professional business headshot to be used on websites, signage and other collateral marketing material.

We produce exactly what you need in a business headshot/portrait and we know the difference from between an actors headshot and a business headshot.

If you’re looking to upgrade your image call 202-596-1548 and schedule your appointment today. We specialize in quick (less than 24 hour turnaround) of high resolution, retouched images.

New Website? You Need Headshots!

The new website was supposed to go live last month and yesterday your boss gave you the opportunity (responsibility) to locate a photographer that does corporate headshots in Washington DC. What are you going to do?   You have 11 people that work in the office and just checking schedules and finding a time that works for everyone will take a few hours of your time. Arrrrgh.

One more thing…the web design firm needed the images YESTERDAY.

That’s where DC Corporate Headshots come in. With one phone call (202-596-1548), we’ll quickly check our schedule and get you on the calendar. We’re busy just like you, but we also understand your business and creative needs.

Your first step is probably where you’ll probably search some of the following terms:

  • headshots
  • corporate headshots
  • business headshots
  • washington photographer
  • great headshots in dc
  • best headshots in washington dc
  • business portraits
  • executive portraits

Make sure you put more “weight” on the companies that have a physical address that isn’t an apartment. That way you know it’s not some guy that has a “day job” at Georgetown University with a shiny new Nikon D40 (it was probably a birthday present). That person probably won’t be able to meet your quick delivery needs even if she/her get’s lucky with a few pictures.

You need a professional photographer with experience. Someone that will produce consistent images with minimal intrusion into the schedules of you and your staff. We have 16+ years of experience with an long list of satisfied clients. DC Corporate Headshots is familiar with Washington DC culture and personalities…we live and breathe headshots and executive portraits.

We don’t have any tricks…we simply come to your location, create an effective and consistent business headshot, add in a little bit of retouching to make everyone look FANTASTIC, then deliver the images to you as soon as possible.

Capitol Hill, early morning, K Street, Reston, Alexandria, Vienna, Bethesda, Northwest, your Embassy, our studio, Fairfax, McLean, afternoons,   Convention Center…all we need is an empty conference room or open space and we’ll do our jobs.

DC Corporate Headshots…the BEST Washington DC Corporate Headshots and Business Portraits.


Your Image is Everything | Washington DC Business Headshots

Virtually every company in today’s business environment has a business portrait or “headshot” program…even without knowing it. DC Corporate Headshots specializes in creating outstanding corporate headshots images for bsinesses of all sizes in the Washington DC area.

Business Owner/Senior Photographer, Delane Rouse will photograph your personnel during an on-site session. We understand that you and/or your staff are busy people so we also offer sessions in our Capitol Hill studio. Our client list includes individuals, CEO’s, MD’s, VIP’s, students, JD’s and more.


We make the scheduling of appointments easy and we know how to make everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. All digital images will be permanently archived on our secure web site. Most clients also opt for a high-resolution electronic copy of the image for a one-time, unlimited-use fee.

Even if you don’t have a current need for the images, there will undoubtedly come a time when a photograph is urgently needed. We will have already done the legwork and can transmit the desired image to any location within seconds. Contrast this process with having to make arrangements for a film photography sitting, having the pictures developed and sent via courier to one or more offices or publications.

To establish your individual or company business portrait program contact the DC Corporate Headshots scheduling department at (Toll Free) 888-984-4777 or 202-596-1548 or by sending an e-mail to

How your company can use an excellent Business Portrait/Headshot…