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Should I Wear Glasses for My Business Portrait?

Should I Wear Glasses for My Portrait?

It’s a common question: Should I wear glasses for my portrait? And it’s one that nobody can definitively answer for you. Whether or not to wear glasses for a portrait is, in the end, a personal decision. Here are some guidelines to consider, though, if you’re getting ready to update your business portrait or head shot and are asking yourself this question:

2016-03-05_0001Do you wear them all the time?

If you answered yes, then you probably DO want to wear glasses, particularly if you are using your portrait for professional reasons. You want your portrait to accurately represent you, which means leaving your glasses on as an identifying feature. If you don’t wear them all the time, such as if you go back and forth between contacts and glasses, then it comes down to your personal preference of how you want to be identified.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Wearing glasses for your portrait comes with a few extra steps.

First, make sure your glasses are clean. Use a glasses cleaner right before your portrait session to ensure they are spotless.

Bring a few pairs of glasses, if you have them, so your photographer can capture different aspects of your personality and give you some options to choose from.

What to avoid:

If you can, avoid wearing glasses with transitions lenses since these can darken up depending on the lighting of your photo shoot. Also avoid wearing glasses that are bent or otherwise broken. Take the time to get new glasses or to get yours fixed if this is the case. 

DC Corporate Headshots is committed to bringing out your personality while creating great photos that can be used professionally. We will use our expertise at lighting and posing to make sure you look great with (or without) your glasses.

To find out more, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

250+ Portrait Sessions for PwC at Georgetown University

Business headshots at Georgetown University

Today we had the pleasure of working with the Campus Recruiting team at PwC during their efforts at Georgetown University where we created 250+ business portraits for students. PwC “gets it” when it comes to setting up and providing an awesome experience for these soon to be professionals.

Nothing beats a crisp, clean, white background when it comes to portraits like this. The background is modern and doesn’t compete with the subject. These students all received the benefit of a great image for use on their social media profiles which should give them a leg-up on their competition when it comes to looking for a job.

This assignment was similar to efforts we’ve done at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and School of Social Work.  We create new business portraits for LOTS of students over a relatively short amount of time.

Business headshots are essential in this day and age.

Some companies and organizations request headshots before hiring, and having a LinkedIn account without a headshot is an easy way for your profile to be overlooked. Providing students with quality headshots even before they graduate we’re giving them a BIG step over the competition. Just make sure you don’t choose the wrong headshot for your profile.

If your career services department is interested in offering this service to your students give us a call at 202-552-0025. We’d love to talk to you.

Business Portraits for Georgetown University












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Corporate Headshots for the Staff at National Geographic

Today we created new and updated business portraits for 55 of the AWESOME staff members at National Geographic.

I’ll admit it…if we ranked our clients (we would never do that publicly) but if we did…NatGeo would be TOPS on the list. They are the BEST!!! We’ve been working with them for 3+ years and have photographed over 450 people in Washington DC and it never gets old.

After coaching each and every client we sit with them and help them select their favorite image. Trust me when I tell you this is the hard part…but with our guidance and tips plus feedback from the individual we have created a process that works 100% of the time. GUARANTEED.



Cropping a Business Portrait

Business Portraits for National Geographic

Business Professional Photos DC

As DC’s Top Headshot Studio we photograph more studio sessions that anyone else in the area. Our #1 goal is to create an awesome business portrait that makes sure you “look like business”. Senior Photographer and Managing Partner, Delane Rouse has years of experience providing professional business portrait for individual and businesses of all sizes. We use creative editing, cropping, sizing and retouching to create the PERFECT PORTRAIT of you.

With large studio located on Capitol Hill, DC Corporate Headshots offers a premium session that will suit your industry and personality. You might walk in nervous but you’ll walk out saying “Wow…that was painless.”


Washington DC Headshot Studio


Headshot Photographer Washington DC

Headshot Photographer Washington DC

Business people are frequently looking for a Washington DC corporate headshot photographer. That’s were our studio, DC Corporate Headshots, steps in. Creating a portrait that shows the client as confident and approachable is easier said than done but our 15+ years of experience and the fact that we ONLY shoot portraits is a major plus. Clients realize that they need to put out images that “look like business” and that it’s not good enough to have a “selfie” as your LinkedIn profile photo.

We think we are the best photo studio in Washington DC and we love that we get to create professional photos, business photos and great headshots in one of the most comfortable studios in the city. Every day we come to our 5000 square foot Capitol Hill studio and work with some of the areas top business leaders.


DC Corporate Headshots is the premier provider of outstanding corporate headshots and business portraits in the Washington DC area. We help individuals and business project the professional image they desire with minimal impact on the schedule of the busy executive. We service the Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, and Washington DC business markets.

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Follow-up: Business Portraits for Engineering Firm

Last week we created headshots for an engineering firm with offices in Vienna VA and Baltimore MD. We shot those images on a chroma-green background so that each of the clients offices would look consistent. When presented with the opportunity to help a client we alway try to go the extra mile. Originally several different (unrelated) photography studios from around the country would be working on the project…that was a recipe for inconsistency. Using different cameras, backgrounds, lighting equipment, etc. combined with the logistics associated with different office spaces just doesn’t allow for the level of consistency most clients would like.

We suggested that all of the images be photographed on green-screen, extracted, and placed on the client supplied background.

Vienna VA Business Portrait


DC Corporate Headshots is the leader in providing business portraits and professional headshots to the nationwide business community. On a daily basis our clients are featured in national magazines, regional and local publications and many of them have something in common; we created the image that they used to project their visual brand.

Call us at 202.368.1388 to hear more about our services and our group/office discounts.

Business Portraits for Professional Engineering and Specialty Field Services Firm

Professional Headshots for Washington DC Architecture Firms

Among this weeks assignments was the opportunity to create new corporate headshots for several partners at a top-tier Washington DC Architecture Firm. Below is one of the outtakes that I liked. Actually this is the first (test) shot of the day…I was just positioning the the lights.

DC Corporate Headshots is the leader in providing business portraits and professional headshots to the Washington DC business community. On a daily basis our clients are featured in national magazines, regional and local publications and many of them have something in common; we created the image that they used to project their visual brand.

Take a look around and make sure you call us at 202.368.1388 to hear more about our services and our group/office discounts.


Professional Headshots for Washington DC Architecture Firms


Executive Photography DC

Discerning executives choose DC Corporate Headshots for their business portrait needs. We provide corporate headshots that are be used in brochures, web sites, social media, annual reports, speaking engagements, and other collateral marketing material. Executive photography will never be easy but our goal is to make it EASY FOR YOU.

Since our beginning we have earned a reputation for providing individuals and companies of all sizes with the professional photographs that make them look their very best.

Corporate headshot photographer, Delane Rouse/Rouse Photography Group, LLC., specializes in creating corporate headshots and executive portraits at your office/location or in our local studio*. We make scheduling your appointments easy and we permanently archive your images for future reference. To arrange your appointment or get a custom quote for your office or group, call our scheduling department at 888-984-4777 or use our contact form and we’ll handle the rest.

Where to get Professional Head Shots Washington DC

Where to get Professional Head Shots Washington DC

DC Corporate Headshots is the premier provider of corporate headshots in the Washington DC market. We work with individuals and business of all sizes…creating great images that our clients use on LinkedIn profiles, Corporate Web Sites, Press Releases, Trade Publications, Program Handouts, Speaking Engagements, Newspaper ArticlesMarketing Collateral, Business Cards, Yellow Page Ads, Billboards, Employee Personnel Files, Employee Recognition Programs and I.D. Cards…to name a few.

Our studio is conveniently based on Capitol Hill where we offer Studio Sessions. Additionally we offer On-Location sessions for the busy professional.

Business Headshots for Busy Professionals in Washington DC