Workstyle Photography in Washington

DC Corporate Headshots offers workstyle photography.

Workstyle photos are an important tool for communicating brand identity and company culture. It includes one to three people working at their desks, or having an executive meeting or a large all-hands session.

Representing different areas of work in a company, the airy, light, and colorful images are ideal for use in all types of media: advertising, marketing, website, and brochures.

Perfectly Posed vs. Natural Feel

At DC Corporate Headshots, we prefer natural-looking images that tell a story instead of perfectly posed photos.

With minimal direction, we ensure the photos have a very realistic feel, giving potential clients, business partners, and employees an idea of the company culture and overall work environment. We encourage the subjects to do what they typically do in a day, and let us simply be the fly on the wall.

State-of-the-Art Photography Equipment

We use only the finest photography equipment. Our experienced and talented photographers shoot in stunning super-high resolution, and edit the images to produce the finest in detail and color. During the shoot, we ask subjects the location of the shoot, allowing them to feel more involved. This often relaxes the subjects and produces superior quality photos.

We also take as many different variations of horizontals, full lengths, waist lengths, and verticals. When editing, we ensure to match the mood and theme of the shot to client specifications.

Beyond the equipment and editing, we ensure poses are not staged and formalized as well, with expressions relaxed and unforced for dynamic, natural-looking photos perfect for both internal and external marketing use.

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