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Once upon a time, it was common practice to find job opportunities in the newspaper or through word of mouth. You would type up a resume and a cover letter, mail your information to a human resources department, and wait days, weeks, or even months for the phone to ring or a rejection letter to arrive.

Today it’s common practice to find job opportunities online or through networking, we email our CV (or push a button and download our LinkedIn profile to serve as our resume), and wait sometimes just a matter of hours for an automated or personal reply.

The only way a person can achieve success making professional inroads in these modern times is to have an online presence that is top notch. Here are 3 tips for creating a winning professional online presence:

Update your headshot every 12-18 months.

Even if you are certain you don’t change a bit from year to year, consider this: trendy backgrounds change, clothing trends change, hairstyles change, eyeglass frame trends change, trendy poses change. When you are being considered for a job opening and the hiring manager invariably reviews your LinkedIn profile, do you want them to see someone who jumps off the page or who looks like yesterday’s news?

Update your LinkedIn PROFILE weekly. When you update your LinkedIn profile – you add a skill or credential, you change your profile picture, you share an article, you write an article – whatever the update may be, your connections are notified of the update. This keeps you on the radar of your connections and very often people reach out to congratulate you and/or connect and reconnect.

Play the networking game to win. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is an old saying that still rings true today. What’s different today than when the saying was coined 100 years ago is that when we meet someone or someone is recommended to us now, we immediately “Google it” – we look the person up online to see what they are all about. When (not if) this happens to you, what do you want people to find?

A winning professional online presence is highly dependent on your headshot. Don’t let golden opportunities pass you by. Get even more tips by clicking here to download our free Guide To Great Headshots.