New Website? You Need Headshots!

#5- Your boss is making the whole office do it.

Face it…you don’t want to have your picture shot today, but your boss tricked you and told you there would be donuts and you could leave early to go golfing if you did it without complaining. So what happened? You still complained but he didn’t hear you. You’re 42 years old and you still don’t know how to tie your tie. You don’t like wearing earrings and lipstick.

We take regular people and make them look WAAAAYYYY better than regular. DC Corporate Headshots worked with Enhesa, Inc. to create business headshots for the entire office. Quick. Easy. Effective.

#4- Your “not-so-current” headshot was made BEFORE color film was the standard.

The last time you had a corporate headshot done we were kicking around words like Kodak, Tri-X, and Agfa-Pan. “Artist” were developing b&w film in little tanks and making custom 8×10 prints that looked AWESOME!!! Those days are long gone buddy…get real. At DC Corporate Headshots we use high resolution digital capture systems that blow away your little 12 mega-pixel rinky-dink point & shoot. Step into the 2000’s…get a decent hair-cut, stop driving the station wagon and UPDATE YOUR IMAGE!!!

#3-You need to increase your client base.

You’ve already heard the phrase…”to make money you have to spend money”…and it’s oh so true. Get your face out there, pound the pavement, go to the Chamber of Commerce meetings, get your new business cards printed, update that website that you created using the $49 software you bought from Office Max. Updating your current business headshot then USING it on every piece of marketing material you have is the first step you should take to increasing your client base.

#2-You’re single and can use it on Facebook ®

Be honest…we know that you’re going to use the picture on your law-firm website but you’re also going to use Picasa to cut out the background and upload it to your Facebook profile. That’s cool. We have hundreds of clients that are using our image for personal and professional usage. We know that you wore that special sweater for a reason.

#1-You were recently laid-off/fired/down-sized/right-sized/etc.

We’ve all seen the effects of this “new” economy and it’s not pretty. At least it looks like the worst is behind us, so TODAY is the day that you make the decision to invest in your future.   A fresh and updated image from DC Corporate Headshots gives you an advantage over the person that isn’t ready to hit the ground running. Your new employer can use the image for press releases, trade magazines, speaking engagements, marketing collateral, personnel files, I.D. cards and more.

If you fit this category, we’ll deduct $50 off your session fee. Our way of saying “Go Get ’em!!!”