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A professional image is important regardless of your occupation. For an author/writer, a high-end photo used on a book jacket, in a magazine, on a blog, or for any promotional purpose is literally the face of your business. Selecting the right style of portrait can make readers feel more confident about your knowledge and your product.

Examples of Types of Business Portraits for Authors/Writers:

atlanta_top_of_mind_BTS1 Cheery & Casual – If you write lighthearted fiction or nonfiction, then a portrait that conveys a more casual image is a must, such as a softer hairstyle and a wide smile. Choose a flattering color of clothing that won’t wash out your skin, something with an easy fit. Your portrait should draw in the reader as you would a friend.

Serious & Approachable – If you write more serious fiction, you want to project a professional image, but also one that makes you look approachable, so readers will feel comfortable interacting with you. A smile that’s not too big, a modern hairstyle, and a neat appearance all go a long way. Choose one basic shade for your outfit, then add a small splash of color to create interest.

Professional & Knowledgeable – If you’re a political, scientific, or business nonfiction writer, for example, then a more serious portrait can give you an edge. A nice monochrome-colored suit, along with a staid expression, projects confidence that will make the reader believe in your professionalism and understanding of your subject matter.

Authors/Writers of any style or genre can make a lasting and positive impression with Washington DC Corporate Headshots. Please contact us for more options and ideas regarding your business portrait needs.