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When it comes to choosing an outfit for your professional photo, it’s a good idea to stick with basic, solid colors. Here’s a rundown of what colors look best for a photo along with a few colors and other things that you should avoid.

What looks best

In general, dark colors are more slimming and more flattering for most people. Think navy, black, deep red, etc. You can’t go wrong with a classic black shirt. Remember, your photo doesn’t need to be trendy or earth shattering. You can always dress your shirt up with jewelry and play around with that during your photo shoot.

Corporate Headshot Color Choices

Opt for sleeves that are at least elbow length as well as solid colors.  In addition to being easy on the eyes, solid colors are classic, which means your photo isn’t going to be dated when styles change next season.

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What to avoid

Light colors, especially white, will wash you out, especially if you are naturally light-skinned. Your face should be the focal point of the photo, which is why darker colors are recommended.

Patterns including floral prints, polka dots, and stripes might look great in person but they can become distracting in photos. Stay away from shirts that have writing on them unless there’s a specific reason you’re advertising the message on your shirt.

Colors for group shots

You don’t necessarily want everyone in your group shot to be matching, but matching is better than a complete color clash. Plan ahead of time, and choose 2-3 colors that are in similar tones. For instance, opt for jewel tones including navy, burgundy, and dark green. Or you can go for denim, olive green, and tan for a natural, earthy feel. If you’re not sure if certain colors go together, call your photographer for an expert opinion before your photo shoot.

Your face is the focal point of your photo shoot, but your outfit can be and important element in making sure the entire package is professionally presented. For more ideas on what colors to wear for your upcoming photo, contact us today or call us at 202-552-0025,