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Headshot Photographer

In business, you have plenty of resources at your disposal for brand management. You have marketing, press releases, media appearances, and things of the sort. Being able to control perception is one way to maintain a reputation as a figurehead or a professional in your industry.

Heads of businesses, executives, or management level employees know pictures are vital to creating a professional aura about them; a good headshot helps them control other people’s perceptions. And because first impressions are crucial, whether you’re promoting a business or applying for a job in DC, the quality of your headshot matters in steering favorable judgment.

The Difference of Professionally Taken Headshots

We believe that even in business photography, there’s a place for casualness. But in most cases, as it is for most of our clients, a professional aura benefits them. It’s the kind of results we work for, and we’re confident that we can deliver what our clients want.

But what difference does it make if a headshot photographer in DC takes the photo as opposed to simply posting a “selfie?”

A snapshot from your smartphone isn’t likely to capture the personal branding or business image you want to convey. Your background might be too simple or inappropriate for your branding or industry. The lighting might not highlight your flattering features. The overall effect of a selfie could put you at a disadvantage in terms of other people’s perceptions.

That is why people from all over DC come to DC Corporate Headshots for their business portraits. High-profile personalities choose us because we produce the best results. We don’t just know how to take corporate headshots—we know how to capture the real you.

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