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Choosing your photo for social media is a crucial step in the process of further creating a consistent professional image. When you finally get a picture you like you may find that the picture is a bit odd when viewed on a smaller screen or not at full size, so choosing the correct photo and utilizing the space in your picture wisely can be a great way to promote a strong image of yourself.

Learning how to crop your photo for social media becomes an important task to a good picture a great one. First off, let us start by addressing the picture overall. Are you the only one in the photo? Does the photo look strange when cropped to fit just your face or a portion of your body and face in it?

Kimetrica_30260toomuch copyMake sure the cropped image looks okay when it stands on its own. Sometimes using part of a picture can leave the viewer of your profile thinking about what isn’t happening in the photo, not focusing on the professional aspect of the image itself. It is important to make sure that this isn’t the case for your photo!

Cropping can be simple, and the same general rules about headroom apply to any video or picture. Understanding what headroom is and how to effectively use it can assist you in creating that perfect crop-job for your picture.

Arizona State University describes headroom as “the space between the top of a subject’s head and the top of the screen frame”. If you click the link you can learn more a lot more about the correct and incorrect usage of headroom.
But for now, a picture that has too much or too little headroom can ultimately leave it unbalanced, lopsided, and/or looking unprofessional. If you were to see a news program with sloppy camera work that used far too much headroom it would be a distraction to the audience.

Taking care of this problem and understanding headroom before you crop your photo can further lead to that strong, professional image you have been looking for.

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