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Corporate HeadshotTraditionally, corporate professionals get their headshots in a studio where they can have textured walls as a background and achieve a formal, professional-looking photo. But in recent years, there has been a growing trend of taking environmental portraits as corporate headshots. Many CEOs and managers now choose to have their headshots taken in front of their factory, on the rooftop of their office building, and other outdoor locations related to their business—rather than in a photography studio.

Capturing a Glimpse of Your Professional Life

When we do environment portrait photography for professionals, we take the photo in one of the subject’s everyday surroundings. After all, environmental shots are all about capturing a glimpse of your daily life as a corporate professional. When you’re in a place that is familiar to you, you’ll likely feel more relaxed and your personality will come across more vividly, in the photo. In turn, the photographer will get a much clearer “picture” of you—a professional who’s doing great in their chosen field—in your element.

Telling Your Career Success Story

In general, corporate headshots aim to put professionals, as well as their company, in a good light. These photos help you represent your business or brand. Thus, they usually end up on your company website and other marketing materials. Compared to standard studio headshots, environmental portraits can give greater context to what you do best. In fact, there’s an interesting combination of a casual and a professional feel in environmental shots. So, with this kind of headshots, you don’t only get to represent your brand, but you can tell your professional story more effectively. This might be exactly what you need to appeal to your clients and potential business partners on a much more personal level.

Environmental headshots have become increasingly popular for all the right reasons. Perhaps, it’s now time for you to join the bandwagon. If you want to know about environmental portrait photography for professionals, don’t hesitate to give us a call, today.