Environmental portrait photography is one of the fastest growing trends in corporate portraiture and headshot photography. It captures the essence of the business and highlights your image as you represent your brand.

Whether it is a shoot for a CEO sitting on a company bike, or an emerging pianist sitting on his or her Steinway in a concert hall, we do it all.

Environmental Portraits vs. Regular Headshots

Regular headshots use an artificial background. This tends to give the photo a more formal, “studio” look. Long rolls of paper and muslin fabrics, as well as textured walls, are a common studio background. An advantage to this is that the background does not compete with the subject’s face, and the viewer’s eye naturally goes to the subject.

DC Corporate Headshots’ environmental portraits, on the other hand, are captured without the studio background; instead, these are portraits in a person’s familiar surroundings. In essence, it aims to capture a glimpse of the subject’s daily life, so that clients and potential business partners immediately get the sense of what they do best.

The Beauty of Environmental Shots

Environmental headshots by DC Corporate Headshots add a little more personality to an entity or person’s online and offline presence. While a standard headshot can display personality, only an environmental photo captures the subject in their element.

Why is this important?

You are building an image of authority. When you show yourself in your workplace or place of business doing what you do best, it tells people that you are truly the best at what you do.

How DC Corporate Headshots Does It

We capture environmental headshots using different lighting set ups, allowing us to be a bit more creative with the backgrounds at your business location or office.

The technique, however, also requires more planning, and it means considering factors that are out of our control such as the weather. While it is less predictable and require a little flexibility, as professionals, we deliver.

Combining the casual and professional feel in environmental shots, our photos make ideal pictures for your website, a LinkedIn profile, or a Facebook business page.


Upgrade your corporate image or headshot with an environmental portrait by DC Corporate Headshots.

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