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Recently, Craig asked, “How fast can I get my photos?”

Thanks for your question, Craig. I hope you enjoy your $25 gift card.

Everyone wants to know how soon they can get their photos. In most cases, we deliver files within two to four business days.


Our rush service does cost extra, but we will get you your photos as soon as you need them.


However, the turnaround time can depend on our workload. For example, if we recently worked with a large company and photographed 200 to 400 people, or if we went to a tradeshow or conference, those photographs typically take longer to process and deliver.

If you are an individual coming to our studio for a photo shoot, you can expect a two to three business day turnaround. We can even deliver files in 24 minutes, although that is our record turnaround time.

This client came in at 11 a.m. and the files had to be delivered to the printer no later than noon. We finished the photo shoot and selection process at 11:30, and 24 minutes later, I was pressing the button to send to the printer.

That is not typical, but this client needed the photos immediately because they were doing a speaking engagement. We picked out the photos and did the retouching with the client sitting right there. We also formatted the pictures to their exact specifications and, 24 minutes after the last picture, the files were sent to the printer.

Our rush service does cost a little extra, but we will do our best to deliver pictures as soon as you need them and sometimes in near real time.

Try not to wait until the last minute but, if you do immediately need a photograph, we can help you out. Give us a call with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any other questions or would like to schedule a session with us, please don’t hesitate to call. I’d be happy to help!

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