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Building a team of professionals is a goal many aspire to in America. Building a website and garnering attention to that site through visuals and content can be a bit more challenging. From attorneys to entrepreneurs, capturing the essence of an organization can grow your bottom line, or lead you to flatline!

Here are some real life examples:

Recently, a group of Real Estate professionals came in for a group picture for their new snazzy website. The photographer struggled with how to bring the colors, hairstyles and patterns of dress into one coherent photo. In the end the session was scrapped for fear of looking like an 80’s hair magazine in cahoots with a 70’s — 2000’s unmatched wardrobe variation of plaids, florals and goth. In essence, it was a mess, a flatline.

Another example is a small boutique salon in an upscale community. The women owners and retail associates wore classically trimmed designer wear in varying degrees of pastel. However, the amount of makeup and exposed cleavage on top of heels that most would not deem appropriate outside of a red light district, belied the fact that this was an upscale establishment catering to the elite. “Elite what?” one might ask. The shoot ended up looking like Cinderella’s ugly step-sisters after three Mimosas following an Easter funeral. Again..flatline.

Both of these are examples of business obituary group photos.  So what is a business to do to find the quality and professionalism that will drive SEO and clients through the doors instead of to the competition? How do you protect your reputation through the best representation of your associates?  Research your photographer and choose only the best.

In Washington, DC, there is only one standout;the team of true photographic professionals here at  DC Corporate Headshots. This innovative and dynamic team takes you from collaboration to coordination in every aspect of a shoot. DC Corporate Headshots are so conveniently located on Capitol Hill but also service most metro areas around the country. See our list of available cities here or check out their social feed on Twitter.


Your team’s story is a major factor in the growth of your business. You can see by the testimonials on their website, that DC Corporate Headshots goes above and beyond the point and click of a traditional photographer. Their assistance with location, dress, makeup and style can create a picture that captures instant interest, presents the image of professionalism you desire, and makes sure you don’t end up as one of “those” pictures in the annals of photographic comedy.

It’s fun to laugh at yourself in photos. Just make sure your business isn’t flat-lined by the image of an inexperienced photographer. Trust only the best in DC Corporate Headshots!  Your company deserves the front page, not the obituary section.

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