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When DC Corporate Headshots comes to colleges to provide headshots to students and faculty, how does the process work?

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Today, I want to talk about how we work with clients in the education industry.

A lot of times, a university or department therein will have us come in to provide a headshot service for their students and faculty. We set up time blocks for three to six hours, during which we’ll work with the client to pick the most appropriate background, whether it’s white, gray, or an environmental option where we use some part of the school or office. Many times, there is a line out the door for the entire session; we can shoot anywhere from 150 to 200 people in that time span.

After that, we’ll take the images back and have our editors pick out the best photo for each client. We use our experience to choose a photo that makes you look comfortable, confident, and approachable. Part of choosing a good shot comes from eye contact and expression; we want you to look personable without looking goofy.

We can shoot anywhere from 150 to 200 people in a three-hour time span.

Once we’ve chosen the best shot, we’ll do some basic retouching where we get rid of stray hairs, we brighten up the eyes and teeth, reduce age and smile lines, and get rid of blemishes on the skin.

When this is finished, we’ll deliver the shots back to each individual client. At the shoot, we collect their first and last names and email addresses so we can send the clients their photos.

In order to make all of this happen, all we need is a conference room in which we can set up our professional lighting and camera equipment. We take care of the risk, data collection, photography, and of course, the lighting. We typically have something in place to help prepare the person in terms of hair, tie, suit, and so on.

The turnaround time on the photos is five to seven business days.

If you have any questions about our program or how it works, please feel free to reach out to me. I’d be glad to speak with you.