Lawyer Headshots and Realtor Business Portraits in Washington DC

The last few weeks have been very active at DC Corporate Headshots. As busy headshot photograpers we work with many legal professionals and real estate agents in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland area on a daily basis. If we ever need an attorney we definitely have an extensive database of great professionals.

Most of our recent clients have requested the use of a “green screen” or “chroma-key” background so that their graphics department can insert their background of choice.

We’re also proud to showcase some recent recommendations that our great clients have left for us on our LinkedIn page. A referral is the best way to see what clients really think about your work. These recent sessions were all shot at various clients offices and locations.

The series directly above was photographed in an unfinished office adjacent to the clients office since we were short on space due to a meeting in the clients conference room. We quickly readjusted our set-up and moved to the new “office”. In this case it really wasn’t a big deal since we consider this to all part of being prepared for changes and last minute requests from the client.