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A headshot communicates who you are and what your job is to potential clients. Therefore, you need to look competent, clean, and confident — you need to look your best. After all, nobody wants to do business with a drab individual. For female executives, the state of one’s makeup is crucial to sending the right message.

Every female executive is beautiful, but a little makeup, when applied correctly, could go a long way in enhancing your appearance and making you feel confident. Should you decide to add a little color to your face, here are some things you need to know.

Go for a Natural Look

Headshots should look natural. After all, you want your potential clients to have an accurate depiction of yourself. So, make sure that the color of your foundation matches your skin and that it is applied evenly as the bright lights could expose patchy skin. Although this could be edited, it’s better to aim for a good shot right from the start.

Intense contouring won’t look good in the picture. So, keep the dramatic makeup artistry down to a minimum. Take care not to overdo brow definition, as well. You’ll want to enhance your natural arches, not draw on a completely new pair! Finally, prepare oil-blotting sheets that can help you control the shine in between shoots.

Add Some Color

Pick a lip color that is not too bright on the face. Even though your lips are beautiful, drawing too much attention to it looks unprofessional. So, choose a natural shade that will match your skin tone like a muted peach, pink, or apricot. The same rules apply for the cheek; choose a shade that would make you look naturally flushed and healthy.

Get a Good Photographer

You could sport the picture-perfect look, but you’ll still get a terrible headshot if your photographer does not know how to handle the lighting or choose the right angle. Choose corporate headshot photographers in DC who know how to capture you at your female-executive-best. With the right partner, you can project the best image of yourself to the professional world.

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