DC Corporate Headshots offers outstanding workstyle photography for executives. Workstyle photos are an important tool for communicating brand identity and company culture. They can include one or more people in action, at work.

These photos can be of people working at their desks, or having an executive meeting. They can show different areas of the work environment. They’re often ideal for use on a website or in company brochures.

Perfectly Posed vs. Natural Feel

What often works best are natural-looking images that tell a story instead of perfectly posed photos.

With minimal direction, we’ll ensure your photos have a very realistic feel. They’ll give potential clients, business partners, and employees a clear sense of your company culture and work environment. All your subjects need do is what they typically do in a day. We’ll simply be a “fly on the wall”, capturing them at their best and most natural.

State-of-the-Art Photography Equipment

We use only the finest photography equipment. Our experienced and talented photographers shoot in stunning high-resolution. Our retouching team then edits your images using the latest software to produce fine detail and accurate color. During the shoot, we encourage subjects to simply be involved in their work. This relaxes people — and produces great photos.

Prior to your session, we’ll collaborate with your team to prepare every detail in advance. Getting all that organized up front helps keep your session relaxed and on task.  Your people will enjoy the experience and we’ll be able to produce excellent photos for you.

We also take as many different variations of horizontals, full lengths, waist lengths, and verticals as possible. When editing, we’ll match the mood and theme of the shot to your specifications.

Beyond the equipment and editing, we make sure poses aren’t staged-looking or too formal. You’ll have relaxed expressions that make for dynamic, natural-looking photos perfect for both internal and external marketing and advertising.

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Your company has worked hard to build and maintain its reputation and brand. Don’t let a less than stellar set of workstyle photos jeopardize it. Get a set of action shots you’ll feel great about showing off to current and potential clients, partners, contractors and employees.  If it’s just yourself, go ahead and book an individual workstyle session now.

For group rates or workstyle portraits of more than one person, call (202) 552-0025 or schedule a complimentary consultation today.

We look forward to working with you!

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