What To Wear When Taking a Corporate Headshot
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What should you wear when taking a corporate headshot?

Wear your “go to” outfit! The outfit you would wear to an interview or to meet a new boss is the best outfit for a corporate headshot. My “go to” outfit is a gray jacket, a solid blue shirt, and a blue and white tie. Your “go to” outfit could be any color. Don’t get stuck thinking you have to wear dark colors, but don’t go too crazy on the patterns, unless that’s your “go to.”

The most important thing is for you to love what you’re wearing.

The most important thing is for you to love what you’re wearing. Your “go to” is your lucky outfit. It’s the outfit you wore the last time you interviewed or closed a big deal. Make sure your outfit is clean and make sure it’s your “go to.”

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My Hands. What do I do with my Hands?

My Hands. What do I do with my Hands? 

We frequently get this question just before we shoot the first shot in a portrait session. If you’re doing a head & shoulder portrait, then you don’t have to concern yourself with the placement of your hands because they won’t be shown in the photograph.

However, if you’re shooting more of a portrait style image, then the hands MAY be shown. Even when that is the case, the hands are far from what will make or break your image.  The reality is that you are somewhat limited or restricted in hand placement, and that’s a good thing.

Take a look at the image below, and you’ll see most of the typical hand placement options. Every one of them might not work for you, but we’re confident that you’ll find something that feels comfortable and looks great. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of every hand placement.


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